Bowman Arm


*Ministry of Colonization *Ministry of Commerce *Trading Standards Bureau *Imperial Treasury *Office of the Mint *Monetary Board *Shipping Commission *Starport Authority *Ministry of Conservation *Ministry of Information & Communication *Censor Bureau *Imperial Archives *Ministry of Justice *Imperial Prisons *Exile Camps *Imperial Marshals *Ministry of State Policy Board Ambassadors Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary Embassies Ambassador/Legate Commercial Attaché Military Attaché Naval Attaché Charge d’Affairs Consulates Consul Visas, Pensions, and Veterans Affairs Citizenship, Protection, and Welfare Shipping and Merchant Affairs Imperial Diplomatic Corps Imperial Secret Service Imperial Governors Ministry of Research & Technology Research Stations Imperial Universities Imperial University of Regina, Glisten, Mora, etc. Imperial Academy of Science and Medicine Imperial Science Union



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